¿What is Techcomputerworld?

It is a brand created by José Luis Sánchez Martínez, I have been passionate about technology since I was little, and I dedicate myself to software development and I am also a Windows and Linux system administrator, web design and development, I use WordPress and I use ASP.NET Core.

I like Microsoft technology and I work with the .NET Framework and .NET Core, I develop desktop applications and Smartphone applications.

Our mission

Develop quality custom software, web applications, desktop applications and smartphone applications, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital marketing. Computer technical support.

  • Desarrollo de aplicaciones web.
  • Desarrollo de aplicaciones IoT.
  • Desarrollo de aplicaciones para Smartphone.
  • Marketing para vender sus aplicaciones a sus clientes.
  • Custom VPS..
  • Linux VPS
  • Windows VPS
  • Configuration and programming of applications for VPS.
Our values

Develop custom applications, well done to solve problems for our clients in the most efficient and effective way and at a moderate cost.

Magic code
We develop the application code tailored to the needs of our clients.
We develop marketing plans for your web, desktop or smartphone applications.
Creative design
We creatively design your applications to be fast, efficient and custom.
Web development
We develop web with WordPress and with ASP.NET Core to have several interesting options to choose from.
main heads

Our team is made up of several people who collaborate with us.

José Luis


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Contact us without obligation, for any question.

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