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SEO positioning to position yourself on the first page of Google

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, so we will dedicate ourselves to make a good SEO to the webs to sell this service to our clients.

We offer this service because nowadays people who want to set up a website don’t need a website, they need a website to position it in the first Google searches.
The service we offer is a professional service, where we will make an effort to position your website on the first page or second page for several keywords and from there we will charge a monthly amount of money.


A website is simple without working on it in SEO, that website will not appear in Google with certain searches in the search engine on the first pages of Google and therefore your website will not exist for Internet users.

We will make your website in the top positions of Google focusing our work so that you achieve your goal of being in the top positions of Google.

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That is exactly what we are, a seo agency and seo consultant for our clients, we will position your web page in the first Google searches and that is where we charge according to the number of keywords that we strive to position.

The price varies depending on the number of keywords that we will strive to position.

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For a simple reason if you do not do SEO you will not be visible on the Internet. In certain keywords that for that you have to position them little by little, especially something very important in on-page SEO is a good structure of the web.

Help Google with a good sitemap or site map, in a good XML so that Google indexers do not have a hard time and also for each article you write or entry in WordPress add those addresses in the google search console.

We will do a course on how to do that, logically to all of you who hire our SEO service we will give you some guidelines to follow on this subject.


We will dedicate ourselves to offering the best professional SEO service for our websites that we develop at these prices, we also carry out SEO services for websites that you do not do for us, although those websites require an audit and after carrying out the audit, we will propose a budget to fix the different failures that the web has, or we do it at your choice.


The best way to improve SEO is to write articles between 600 and 2000 words, which by the way takes a long time to develop that content that is also quality. We can always look at the keywords we want to position and see what others have done and give Google new content that adds value to what already exists.

What is the goal of SEO? The objective is always and will always be to appear in certain searches in the first results of Google when we write an article, it is also what everyone is looking for.

How do we reach that goal? In a clean way it would be to improve existing content or offer new content in articles that others write and logically also taking into account that Google looks at duplicate content so do not copy anything from other people’s websites.

If you want shortcuts or try to go faster, look for “black hat seo” and “link exchange” there is a bit of everything in this world but here we are dedicated to offering SEO services without it being black hat seo.

The most important thing is to position the articles in a natural and logically somewhat slow way if you try to go faster with black hat seo don’t get caught by Google if it catches you you will get penalized and all your months of work will have been useless.

So here we provide a service to improve the SEO of all the websites that we develop, what does it mean? That we give SEO in our services to set up a website.

In our SEO service we will logically give 3 options with a small manual so that you can do the SEO yourself.


Only what we will do is optimize the web page for SEO, putting in the entries that you have to write to which keyword each page you write on your website is directed towards.

Whether it is the start, services, us, whatever it is, you are always going to write in a way that is directed to the SEO of the web.

In the entries we will give advice on how to write them in such a way that it ranks in Google for the keyword or keywords that you are seeking to position an important point is this.


Here, apart from doing the basic SEO optimization, we will optimize a few articles with 3 keywords and work so that these articles appear on the first pages of Google, logically those entries have to be well written and be liked by the readers.


We carry out SEO to 6 keywords and we will also carry out a backlink strategy in forums and blogs, which have to do with the theme of your website and we will also look at the competition to see how we can improve the entries to position them.


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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Search engine optimization is to carry out actions that serve to improve organic positioning in search engines. We focus on Google, which is the most used engine in Spain.


They are the SEO techniques that are done from your web page, the structure of the texts you write, which keywords you target, I would put the XML map as an SEO on Page technique to help Google index your entire web page in the search engine, when you enter with the indexing robots help them directly.

You have to have a good XML sitemap, if the website is created in WordPress it is easy to create and I will explain later how to create an XML sitemap to help Google.

We must also take into account to write with sense everything we write for SEO, and put the keywords in the text, and in titles 1 and titles 2 H1 and H2 in those tags.


This theme is associated with everything that has to do with what happens outside your website, a strategy to keep in mind here is your social networks, talking about the articles you have written on your website, for example, to give meet on social media naturally.

The link building strategy (building links) in Spanish and of course this is very important there must be both do-follow and no-follow links and make it as natural as possible by speaking, for example, of your web project and putting links with the word you want position in forums and on websites where you can put links but that seem natural.

In this sense, the link building must be careful that the link you put does not count as SPAM, how can you

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