creating a website with wordpress


creating a website with wordpress

What is WordPress? At this point WordPress does not need any introduction, but hey it is a scalable, powerful and manageable CMS (Content Management System) that you can create your web page with, tailored to your needs. That is where Techcomputerworld comes in. We will create the web tailored to your needs with this magnificent CMS. We can create you from a blog to write your articles that by the way with a good marketing strategy. you can get many readers. In addition to creating your business website or your WooCommerce. With WordPress you can create:

  • It can be a blog.
  • It can be your company’s website.
  • It can be the website of your online store.
  • It can be whatever you want (according to your imagination).

C# is a good programming language

C# is a fast, scalable, powerful programming language with a good learning curve that allows you to program applications in a short time.

C# 10  includes many improvements over previous C# versions such as: struct registration, struct type improvements, interpolated string handlers, global using directives, file scoped namespace declaration, etc. It brings many interesting new features. for programmers really.

I will create a video if you are interested in the new features of C# 10 and good as not .NET 6 which is a technology that I will be working little by little to be able to develop what I need and do the necessary projects in this great technology.


Web development with ASP.NET 6 really seems to me a good backend to develop web applications with the database of choice, yes, it is true that it is better by default to program with SQL Server of course, being Microsoft technology, but it is possible to use other database engines to program not only web applications but desktop or mobile applications with Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL or NoSQL database engines.

Really with ASP.NET 6 you can develop any project without limitations. It is a framework that I recommend using if you want a powerful and scalable development. In addition to the fact that it is not the most complicated there is, although in my opinion it seems somewhat complicated to use.

Somewhat steep learning curve
Fairly opinionated software in development
Good framework with which you can make any web application

desktop applications


With .NET 6, Windows Form is available, a framework for developing desktop applications that is very simple, very comfortable to learn to work with, powerful and not very scalable, I would say, compared to its counterpart Windows Presentation Foundation. Windows Form allows you to make many types of applications and it is worth even developing applications with it.

Windows Presentation Foundation is a somewhat more current technology, it uses the pattern yes or yes of MVVM (Model View View Model) and well, it makes the development of applications in WPF a bit more complicated. It is a good framework that I do not control much of, but I have I worked a little and the little that I touched I liked.

When I talk about not touching it much, it is that I have spent days and weeks spending time on it and learning about it, computing is like that, anything you have to put in many hours of work to be able to see it more or less well.

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